Russian woman: tips for dating her

Russian woman: tips for dating her

Russian woman: tips for dating her

The Russian Slavic woman is the dream of many men. To some of them, these are the most attractive girls in the world. Their particular style coupled with their seemingly cold character does not leave you indifferent. Because of this, the demand for how to flirt with a Russian woman is important.

We are going to see together everything you need to know to be successful in seducing Russian girls. We hope you will like our valuable tips for seducing an East Russian woman and that they will help you in your dating attempts.

Mentality of Russian and Ukrainian women

There are many stereotypes about Russian women that are known all around the world. The girls are tall, have a slim figure, their hair is blond or light brown, they have blue or green eyes, and their legs are firm and energetic. They have a certain characteristic style, are very feminine and have unparalleled sex appeal.

But unfortunately, these are just stereotypes, especially that of the tall blonde with blue eyes. Most people are surprised when they first arrive in Russia and see that the girls are very different from each other. We are very far from the image people have of Eastern women. The country is in fact the largest in the world and is made up of many different ethnicities.

But when it comes to pure beauty, you have to admit that the Russian woman is arguably one of the most beautiful in the world. A Russian girl is much prettier than a girl of any other nationality. When you see a cute woman from Russia, you will probably be eager to go talk to her and try to seduce her. But once in front of her, you will lose your words as her beauty will dazzle you. Even after a certain age, it will be possible to find a Russian cougar who is still very attractive visually.

It is important to know the mentality of a Russian girl in order to know how to seduce her. Without it, you will have enormous difficulties. Also, you won’t use the same dating techniques with a Moscow girl as you do with a woman from Vladivostok. Similarly, your approach to a woman in St. Petersburg who is Christian will not be the same as a Russian Muslim from Kazan.

Although you may think of the stereotypes associated with Russian women, you will have to forget everything. While there are plenty of porn actresses and prostitutes in Western Europe coming from this country, most of the serious girls still living in Russia are not. On the contrary even.

Girls in Russia are quite conservative, and sex is still a taboo subject for many of them. At least, for those who don’t like nightclubs and are only looking for a stable, long-term relationship. So don’t expect to have sex with a Russian woman easily. If you want to come to Russia to pick up easy girls, this is not the right plan. Seducing women in Russia is quite an art.

Even though the younger generation seems more open on the issue, they still received a fairly strict education from parents for whom sex is a topic that should not be discussed. Absolutely avoid talking about this subject during the first dates. This could put an end to your dating attempts directly.

Russian society, and therefore Russian culture, is largely inherited from the Soviet Union. And in the days of the USSR, manners were quite conservative. If you desire a sincere relationship with a beautiful Russian woman, you should always keep this Soviet mentality in mind.